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Ecclesiastes 12:13.
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Academic programs taught from a solid Christian foundation which provides you with the knowledge and skills essential for you to succeed.

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Provides individuals with the opportunity to pursue a JTS degree online from anywhere in the world. Get the opportunity to pursue a quality tertiary level education that comes with a solid biblical background.


Do you desire to grow in the basic knowledge of the Bible or ministry? Do you need pre-requisites to enter the Bachelor of Arts in Theology Degree? Enrol in our certificate programme.


About Jamaica Theological Seminary

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Jamaica Theological Seminary (JTS) is an institution grounded in the Christian community and primarily serving the people of Jamaica and the Caribbean, with a university-level programme of study. The institution was launched in January 1960 to respond to the need in Jamaica and the Caribbean for culturally and contextually sensitive leadership education for the church and the wider society. The need was for the development of evangelical church leaders to respond appropriately to the cultural, educational, economic, and social challenges of the Caribbean.

The Missionary Church Association in Jamaica launched JTS in Kingston. Five students were initially enrolled. From the outset the school was intentionally interdenominational and international in character.

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The dedication and experience of this group of faithful servants make the JTS learning environment unique, as it is designed to provide everything you need to be successful.

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