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Outreach Programmes

In our effort to fulfill our mission the Seminary has embarked on a drive to enhance our programmes so that we can better serve:

The Eastern Caribbean – JTS Online was launched in April 2010. With this new mode of delivery JTS is now be better able to offer our degrees and courses to students not only in the Caribbean but all across the world. To find out more about JTS Online click here. Since 2010 we have extended our services into the Eastern Caribbean through the establishment of partnerships with colleges in St. Vincent and St. Lucia to offer some of our degrees there. We are also on the exploratory stages with other regional territories to establish similar partnerships.

Non-English Speakers – JTS is presently examining ways and forging partnerships in order to offer our programmes to Spanish speakers. We expect that not too far in the future this will be a reality and many persons in the Spanish speaking Caribbean as well as in Latin and South America will be able to take advantage of this thrust.

Persons with Disabilities – JTS continues to make the changes needed to reach this community. Presently many of our students are required to do a course called Introduction to Disability Studies. The Sign Language group on campus is also providing persons the opportunity to learn a new language so that they are able and prepared to minister to the hearing impaired.

Our Mission

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Our Mission

To glorify God and prepare persons academically and spiritually for service in the local, regional and global communities.

Purpose Statement

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To offer quality academic studies & training informed by a Christocentric worldview so that persons may acquire the attitudes, knowledge & skills needed to enable them to contribute to national, regional & global development.