Description of the Facilities

The Student Residence is a 3 story complex with the ability of offering comfortable accommodations to 32 single students – 16 males and 16 females. The female student residence is on the top floor while the male residence is located on the 1st floor. Though students are required to share a room with another person, each room is arranged and furnished in such a way that each person has their own privacy and furnishings which include a single bed, a desk, chair and bookshelf and a closet and dresser.

If fortunate enough students may be assigned a room which gives them a breathtaking view that stretches from the city of Kingston to the beautiful plains of St. Catherine. Each group of two rooms is separated by a spacious bathroom with shower, private toilet area, double sinks and lots of counter space.

The residence comes with all the basic amenities such as stove, fridge, microwave and television which are located in a common area on each floor. The laundry room which is on the ground floor is equipped with coin operated washing machines and other laundry facilities. Coins for the machines can be purchased at the Accounts Department on campus.

1. What to Bring

Students who have been granted permission to live on the student residence are expected to provide their own lining, kitchen utensils, fan, iron (iron boards are provided), curtains, shower curtains and any other personal item that they may require.

2. Application for Accommodations

All students living on the Student Residence are automatically enrolled in the Student Residential Programme which caters to the social and leadership development of students. Students wanting to apply to live on campus must complete the Application form and submit it to the Office of Student Affairs. For additional information persons may contact the Office of Student Affairs.

3. Residential Advisor

The Residential Advisor (RA) is a student who has been selected by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) to oversee the affairs of the Student Residence and liaise with the OSA. Each year two students are chosen for this position – one male and one female. Any student resident interested in serving as an RA is asked to apply to the OSA in writing by the last week in April of each academic year. Persons holding the position of RA are given a monthly stipend by JTS.