“When was the last time you had a really thought – provoking, stimulating, adrenaline boosting discussion? Have you been allowing your intellect to go into hibernation, feeding on the junk food of empty and monotonous information? The Jamaica Theological Seminary can resuscitate and revitalize your brilliance. Courses like Philosophy, Caribbean Thought, Social Psychology, Abnormal Psychology and Juvenile Delinquency among a multiplicity of others, offers the opportunity for vibrant discussions and stimulating group activities designed to strengthen and clarify your beliefs and opinions. At the Jamaica Theological Seminary you are furnished with knowledge and skills pivotal to enhancing your efficacy as a professional and prospective professional. Be sure to check out the Jamaica Theological Seminary and get some more brain food, you’ll be glad you did.”

– Angelique Gardener

“In an age where Christianity is a far cry from that which cost the “fathers” their blood, the Jamaica Theological Seminary seeks to empower individuals through sound teaching to live the way that we are called to by our Lord and by extension build authentic relationships as we worship God in the beauty of Holiness. The Lord was pleased to use “JTS” in bringing change in my life, and now my goal, my deepest desire in life is that “I may know Him, and that I might make Him known.” (Looking for a place to study?) Look no further Jamaica Theological Seminary is the place to be whether in Jamaica or abroad).”

– Philip Holder

“You will get exactly what you want to get from every institution you attend and everywhere you work. If you waste time finding fault you’ll end up wasting time in general. But, if you choose to learn as much, gain as much and grow as much, absolutely nothing can stop you from being the best! Jamaica Theological Seminary is the place to maximize your God given potential. It is there that I, Janice Glenn has been experiencing one of the most beautiful journeys of life. I encourage you to encourage another to maximize every opportunity given!”

– Janice Glenn

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