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Spiritual Formation

The continued spiritual formation of our students is of vital importance to us here at JTS as we seek to prepare each one for the various ministry experiences that they face even while with us. It is our desire that upon leaving JTS our alum will not only be grounded in the Word of God but also be passionate about their relationship with Him and have a willingness to serve in whatever sphere of society that they find themselves in. As such JTS seeks to provide the avenues through which spiritual formation can take place in the lives of our students on a daily basis.


JTS Chapel sessions seek to cater to the wide range of spiritual traditions that is represented among our students and is a time for spiritual renewal and challenge as well as fellowship and ministry. It is a time when students can here from a wide range of spiritual men and women who have impacted the church of God as well as be ministered to by their fellow students. Chapel sessions are held for full-time students at 11:00 am on each day that there are morning classes and on at 6:00 pm for part-time students on designated evenings. All students are required to attend Chapel.

Support Groups

These small groups, which meet every other week during the chapel time, are student led. The purposes of the Support Groups are to build community, provide support and encouragement and provide an avenue for spiritual, social and emotional growth. Students have the option of choosing a group that is co-ed or single sexed in nature. All full-time students are encouraged to be a part of a support group.

Spiritual Emphasis Week

Each semester for an entire week students are challenged to develop and maintain a deeper commitment to the Lord through a series of very engaging messages.

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