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Prospective Graduates

All final year students on course to graduate are required to submit an application to graduate by the middle of the first semester of their final year of studies. Care should be taken that their names be presented exactly as they would have it shown on their diplomas/certificates. The application form is normally available at the Receptionist’s desk.

Clearance for Graduation:

In order to be allowed to graduate from a JTS programme of study, a student must first be cleared by all the relevant departments and authorities before their name can be presented to the board for ratification. Only after this has been done will a student be allowed to collect a graduation pass. This process is valuable for the student as well, as they too will have a record of all completed processes for themselves. Students are encouraged to photocopy all documents and keep a copy for personal records. Clearance forms can be downloaded here and must be returned to the Office of Student Affairs by the deadline indicated on the form. Students should ensure they print both the front and back of the form so that they know which persons are authorized to sign their Clearance Form.

Exit Interview:

All prospective Graduates are required to participate in the Exit Interview process with consultants appointed by the school’s Administration. This is one element used in our institution’s assessment process in order to be effective in the attainment of its goals. During the interview students are asked pre-determined questions designed to “debrief” them; issues of met or unmet expectations, impact of the programme of study and suggestions for improvement are all addressed through the Exit Interview process.


Receptionist – Front Desk Administration Building

Tel. 969-8211 / 619-1244

Package 1
Package 2
Package 3 (For Those Not Attending Graduation)
CoverageThe Renting of Regalia and Photo PackageThe Renting of Regalia onlyPhoto Package only
Refund$2,000 (with Regalia returned in good condition)$2,000 (with Regalia returned in good condition)N/A

*The graduation photo package will include a set of portraits in various sizes [ 1x 8 x12, 1 x 5 x 7, 2x 4 6, 8,16 wallet size, 1 5 x 7 of the graduate receiving his/her Certificate on graduation day (where applicable). For the Photo Shoot ladies should wear a top that will not show once the regalia is put on while men a encouraged to wear a white shirt and dark coloured tie. Persons may view the Graduation Calendar for the dates of the Photo Shoot and when they will need to pay by. All persons are required to take their receipt to the photo shoot.

Payment for Graduation Packages:

Prospective graduates are required to complete and submit a form by the end of March of the year they will be graduating, indicating which graduation package they desire. The student’s account will be billed according to their graduation package of choice. Payment for the desired package can be made at the Accounts Department and should be done by the specified date in the Graduation Calendar. As with all financial policies regarding graduation, prospective graduates must be cleared by the Accounts Department in order to “walk” on graduation day, or in the event they do not attend the graduation ceremony, their accounts must be cleared in order to collect their certificate. The individual, as with any transaction, should ensure that they keep all receipts and documentation.

Regalia Order Form


Collection of Graduation Invitations & Parking Passes:

Each prospective graduate is entitled to six (6) invitations and parking passes, i.e. six (6) individuals may be invited by each prospective graduate to the Graduation Exercise. These invitations can be collected at the Office of Student Affairs. The Graduation Calendar will indicate the dates for collection.

Graduation Attire & Collection of Regalia:

While graduands are allowed a level of freedom in what they wear for graduation, there are a number of guidelines that should be kept in mind as they choose their attire for their special day. Ladies should ensure that the neckline and the hem of their dress is not seen when they put on their regalia; they are to wear a dark coloured shoes. The gentlemen are to wear a plain white or light coloured shirt with a plain dark tie; stripes and plaids should be avoided. Both their pants and shoes should be black or a dark colour. These guidelines should be followed for both the Dedication Service as well as the Graduation Ceremony.

Students will need to show their graduation pass as well as proof of payment for the graduation package in order to collect the regalia. The collection of the regalia will be facilitated through the Office of Student Affairs on the dates specified in the Graduation Calendar. Upon collection of the Regalia each graduand will be given a set of guidelines as it relates to the wear and care of the Regalia. These guidelines can also be viewed here.

Dedication Service:

In addition to the Graduation Ceremony, a special Dedication Service is held on the Sunday prior to Graduation. At this Service the graduands are given a special charge and prayed for. It is also when the person chosen as the Salutatorian for the Graduating Class will speak. All members of the graduating class are encouraged to be at the Dedication Service and are required to wear their graduation gown. The venue for the Dedication Service is traditionally held at Grace Missionary Church, however each year this will be confirmed.

Graduation Ceremony:

Traditionally the annual Graduation Ceremony is held on the last Saturday in June on the grounds of JTS. Parking is available on campus, however all persons driving to the ceremony should make a note of the information on their Parking Pass to know where to enter the campus and where to park.

All members of the Graduating class are expected to arrive at the venue at least two hours prior to the start of the ceremony. This is to ensure that all persons are properly fitted with their regalia and arranged in the correct order in which they are to be seated and will receive their certificate.

Inclement Weather:

In case of inclement weather, the Graduation Ceremony will be held at a predetermined alternate location which prospective graduates will be made aware of. In such an instance the ushers will try to seat all persons who hold an invitation.

Return of Regalia & Refund Policy:

Graduates are required to return their graduation regalia no later than the first Friday after the Graduation Ceremony. This gives all graduates a week to complete this process. It should be noted that return of the regalia will not be facilitated on graduation day. A full refund will be made only upon return of all pieces of the regalia in a satisfactory condition. The entire refund or a part thereof will be withheld if any piece of the regalia has been damaged. All refunds will be made through the Accounts Department.

If graduates are unable to carry out this process in person they must ensure that the individual returning the regalia and collecting the refund on their behalf has a letter signed by the graduate along with the graduate’s receipt for payment of the graduation package and their JTS ID card. The individual should have their own ID as well.

Please note that no refunds will be made for the return of the Regalia after the above mentioned deadline.

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