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Registration Guide

Individuals must have gone through the application/re-application process and have been accepted by the Seminary in order to register for JTS classes. The Registration Process for each semester begins at the end of the previous semester. All students must be registered before they will be allowed to attend classes. The Registration Process is a simple one which takes only four or less simple steps.

STEP 1: Registration

Students are to register for the courses they desire to take in the upcoming semester by completing the Add-Courses process using the FOCUS/SIS Portal. Please see the steps to accessing your JTS email and FOCUS/SIS accounts by clicking on this link.

STEP 2: Payment of Fees

Students must pay the fees related to the courses that they have pre-registered for in order to be considered a registered student of JTS. Students should also note that they will not be allowed to register for the current semester if they have monies still owing on their accounts. For more information on the policies related to student accounts click here. The following information will guide you in paying your fees:

  • Ensure you do not owe any money from previous semesters.
  • Compute your fees for the upcoming semester (contact the Accounts Department for more information)
  • Pay your fees at NCB (if cash) or directly at the Accounts Department using your debit or credit card or a cheque (Personal cheques are not accepted).
  • If you are unable to pay the full amount you can apply to pay using the Deferred Payment Plan.
  • If you will be receiving a student loan, scholarship, grant or financial support from an established organization then you will need to take in a letter of commitment from the donor agency/organization to the Accounts Department.
  • All payments should be made four (4) working days before classes begin
  • A class pass will be given to students or access granted to JTS Online once a student has paid his or her fees.

STEP 3: Late Registration

The FOCUS/SIS portal is closed 11:59 pm on the last day of the ADD/DROP period. Students who do not register for their classes or who miss the ADD/DROP period may still register by:

  • Sending email to indicating courses are they need to be added or dropped. Consultation is then made with the lecturers and or Head of Department or the Academic Dean.
  • However a Late Registration fee will be charged to their account.
  • Students will not be allowed to go through this process beyond the second week of classes

STEP 4: Attend Classes

Only students who have completed the Registration Process are allowed to attend JTS classes. Students who have not registered will not be placed on the class register or be granted access to JTS Online.

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