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Erica Campbell

Head of Department, Humanities

Miss Erica Christine Campbell has been a lecturer at Jamaica Theological Seminary since 1994 and Head of Department, Humanities since 2002. Prior to that, she taught Spanish and French at Convent of Mercy Academy (Alpha Academy) and the Queen’s School.

Her educational qualifications include Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Arts degrees and a Master of Divinity degree. At the secondary level, she attended Alpha Academy and at the primary level, Alpha Primary.

She has been a Christian for over forty years and has been engaged in ministry-related activities nationally and internationally through the local church and Para-church organizations. She is committed to training potential, as well as actual Christian leaders, whose reach extends across denominational and other social boundaries. She is concerned about cross-cultural missions and issues of social justice and this has led to her involvement with Wycliffe Bible Translators and engagement in outreach to inner-city communities in Jamaica. She is interested in promoting the value of Jamaican Creole as it is an issue of social justice.

She has made scholarly contributions to journals and books such as The Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology, Testamentum Imperium, and A Kairos Moment for Caribbean Theology: Ecumenical Voices in Dialogue, now available in book stores island-wide.

Ms. Campbell is an avid sports fan who enjoys watching cricket, her favourite sport; tennis; football (soccer); basketball; baseball; track and field; golf; and many more. She also tries to keep abreast of current affairs, especially those of a political nature.

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