Financial Aid

JTS is committed to providing financial assistance to all students who demonstrate need.

Scholarship & Grant

Students are asked to check with the Office of Student Affairs or the Accounts Department for information regarding available scholarships.

Deferred Payment Plan

A written request must be made to the Chief Accountant in regards to the deferred payments. In the event that a Deferred Payment Plan is authorized by the Chief Accountant, the following will apply:

  • A Deferred Payment Plan Agreement must be signed by the student
  • A Deferred Payment fee will be charged to the student’s account
  • At least 50% of the Tuition fee must be paid at the beginning of the semester along with all other fees (Auxiliary, ID, Health Insurance and Accommodation as applicable).
  • The balance of the tuition MUST be paid in no more than three installments over consecutive months and by the deadline established by the deferred payment plan agreement.

Work Study Programme

JTS students have the opportunity to fund their own education by becoming a part of the JTS Work Study Programme. Students will be given a job on campus which will enable them to earn money that will go towards paying for their education. Students can find jobs in various departments on campus such as the Zenas Gerig Library, Student Affairs, Promotions and Maintenance. Students will need to complete a job application form and return it to the department in which they desire to work.

Summer Work Programmes

Students may want to consider being a part of a summer work programme in which the student is given the opportunity to work in the USA for the summer period. There are a number of agencies which provide this service to students and students should pay attention to the Notice Boards for more information on this during the first semester of the Academic year. Students should note that JTS is not in a position to verify the credibility of any of these entities which organize these programmes and therefore students are encouraged to do their own research on these entities.


The Jamaica Values and Attitudes, organized by the National Youth Service, provides an opportunity for students to have 30% of their tuition paid by the government of Jamaica. To qualify for this programme, students must complete 200 hours of community service within a specified time period, be enrolled in a full-time programme, be under 35 years old and not be on any other scholarship or grant. Students can now combine their JAMVAT grant with a loan from the Student Loan Bureau. For more information students can contact the National Youth Service or visit their website.


There are many avenues from which students can garner funding through a loan process. These include banks, credit unions and even business places. Students may also apply to the Student Loan Bureau for funding.

Review the Financial Policies

Review information about tuition and other fees.

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