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Rules and Regulations


All currently registered students, faculty and senior administrative staff with the necessary authorization are eligible borrowers and have access to the library and its services. New students are required to register with the library on presentation of valid ID and authorization cards. Returning students must also present their class authorization cards for the semester before they can borrow books.

Valid ID cards must be presented to the security personnel or staff on duty on entering the Library or when required by library personnel.  In the absence of an ID, other authorization or notification signed by an official of the institution may be used.

Students must notify the library of changes in their address and contact information.


Researchers, students and staff of other colleges, and other individuals may access library services by arrangement and upon payment of the applicable user fees.  Permission granted to visitors to use the library does not include borrowing materials to take out of the library.


Some materials are restricted to be used in the library and are not available for external loans.  These include Reference books (labeled REF); Some books, journals and materials from the Reserved Book Collection; some materials in the West Indies Collection (labeled W.I.); Theses, Periodicals and other special collection materials.

The removal of any material from the library must be authorized and recorded. In order to ensure that check-out procedures have been complied with, clients leaving the library may be required to show books and materials in their possession to the security personnel or staff on duty.


Type of MaterialsNo. of itemsLoan PeriodRenewals
Open Shelves5Two weeksOne additional week if not on hold
Reserved Book (Overnight)1Overnight until opening next day-
Reserved Book (Weekend) 1Saturday at closing until opening Monday-
Reserved Books / materials (Reading Room)2Up to 3 hoursBy discretion of library staff
  • When necessary, books and other materials may be recalled by the library before they are due for return.
  • Fines are charged for late return of books and other materials and for loss or damage to materials.
  • Accumulated unpaid fines and charges may affect borrowing privileges and may be referred to the accounts office to be charged to the student’s account.
  • Students must return all books and pay all fines and charges in order to be cleared to sit exams and for graduation.


  • Bags should not be taken into the library. Remove all valuables before leaving bags in the designated area at the entrance to the library.
  • Students are not allowed to bring food into the library. Water is allowed in spill-proof and insulated or capped bottles/containers.
  • Clients are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and orderly manner and must be as quiet as possible.
  • Cell phones must be set to a non-audible ring setting and individuals must go outside of the library to answer or to make calls.
  • Electronic devices must be used in ways which do not disturb other library users.

A Few Do Not’s…

  • Do not re-arrange or remove library furniture – chairs, tables, etc.
  • Do not re-shelve books and periodicals. Place them neatly on the library table.
  • Do not mark or deface library books and materials.
  • Do not repair library books but report repair needs at the Circulation Desk.

Repeat violations of the library’s procedures or regulations may result in the suspension of borrowing privileges.

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