About The JTS Outreach

Our programme delivery has been enhance so that we can better serve our constituents beyond the borders of our campus:

The Eastern Caribbean –JTS Online was launched in April 2010 to extend our services into the Eastern Caribbean.  Through this medium we have established partnerships with colleges in St. Vincent and St. Lucia, offering degrees in Theology, Guidance and Counselling, and Social Work. To find out more about JTS Online click here.

Sixth Form Pathways Programme: Since 2016, JTS has been offering pre-university programmes to students in the age category of 16 – 18 age categories. These programme offerings have been in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Youth. The programmes include Career Advancement Programme (CAP) and Centre of Occupational Studies. The students whom we served have gained credentials in Level 2 NCTVET and Occupational Associate Degree. These offerings have morphed into the Sixth Form Pathways programme, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Youth. For more information on our programme offerings to the JTS Sixth Form Pathways Programme click here.

Persons with Disabilities – JTS is committed to serving persons with disabilities. The services are provided on a case-by-case basis. One initiative that highlights our commitment in this area of service is a course entitled “Introduction to Disability Studies” that is offered in both our Social Work and Guidance and Counselling programmes. There is also a Sign Language Club on campus that provides students the opportunity to learn the language to communicate with the hearing impaired. For more information on our service to persons with disabilities call the Office Student Services at (876) 619 – 1244

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